Expand Awareness & Visibility to Give Public Sector HR Professionals a Home

PSHRA will be a vibrant and established brand, renowned, and respected as the premier professional association for public sector HR.

  • Expand the awareness and understanding of what PSHRA is and the resources it has to offer public sector HR professionals.
  • Establish and increase awareness of public sector HR with audiences beyond the profession.

Increase Engagement to Magnify Community Relevance

PSHRA will be considered essential to all public sector HR professionals, increasing the number of people renewing, joining, and engaging with the PSHRA community.

  • Increase the value of PSHRA for members.
  • Grow membership.
  • Elevate tools, resources, and networking to provide members with best-in-class public sector HR solutions.

Amplify Thought Leadership to Shape Public Sector HR for the Future

PSHRA will be the trusted voice of public sector HR and the go-to resource for professionals, management, regulators, and elected officials.

  • Prioritize an innovative & accessible knowledge base.
  • Secure PSHRA’s position as the leading authority on the DEI journey in public sector HR.
  • Leverage industry and professional collaborations.
  • Maximize government affairs.

Enhance Operational Excellence to Ensure Maximum Impact

PSHRA will identify operational efficiencies within programs and services and streamline processes at all levels to optimize financial stability, improve member value and staff/volunteer satisfaction.

  • Stabilize the organization financially.
  • Solidify consistent governance.
  • Finalize and implement regional restructure.
  • Leverage the value of chapters to maximize community building.
  • Maximize efficiencies in processes and operations.